At BackStage Entertainment, our goal is your business success! BackStage Entertainment offers different leasing options. We have retail, office, temporary and brand leasing options now available to fit your specific needs. For more information contact us today.


Retail Leasing

Interested in leasing retail space at the Shoppes at Riverside? Select a lot size and jump to that category.

5,000+ Sq. Ft. | 2,500-4,999 Sq. Ft. | 1,500-2,499 Sq. Ft. | 750-1,499 Sq. Ft. | Under 750 Sq. Ft. | Specialty, Custom and Anchor Lots

Lot #020

This 12,856 sq. ft. facility comes equipped with multiple kitchen and kitchenettes, separated men's and women's restroom, and a gated patio and external entrance. Includes many smaller offices within and  vast open area throughout. Perfect for office work, banking, law, journalism or anything your heart desires.


Lot #056

This 5,040 sq. ft. facility comes equipped with one kitchen and one service bar, as well as a dedicated external entrance. Allowing for any operating hours you desire, this facility is ready for your full service restaurant or lounge.


Lot #352

This 14,224 sq. ft. facility is a dream for the big box retailer. With uninhibited space and an attached storage bay option for unloading any and all freight sizes, the options only end with your imagination. Separate men's and women's restrooms and break room area included for your staff with storage bay option.


2,500-4,999 Square Feet

Lot #214

This 3,146 sq. ft. space stands on a corner lot, allowing any prospective owner the opportunity for maximum exposure. This southward lot places your business just outside of one of the nation's largest retail chains - Sears, and allows owners the opportunity to leverage sales from a near 37 year anchor store.


Lot #308

This 2,862 sq. ft. space features clean lines and styling designed for retail clothing and shoes. With built-in changing rooms, and a minimalist approach to back stock, your customers will enjoy the full extent of your sales inventory up-front, guaranteeing maximum sales potential. The included on-lot restrooms help to keep your staff well managed and can help save maximum payroll costs.


Lot #346

This 2,921 sq. ft. space features wide open space ready for any retail adventure. Table and rack, slat board, or a mix of everything, lot #346 has facilitated book stores, stores for video games, and a variety of others through the years. Equipped with an on-site staff restroom and moderate storage or break room area, business was meant for a location like this.


1,500-2,499 Square Feet

Lot #104

This 1,727 sq. ft. space features almost exclusively store front space. This open format suits any form of business for a medium-scale store front suitable to corporations or local business alike. Ready to explore, just paint, shelve and go! On-site restroom included.


Lot #106

This 1,727 sq. ft. space features a design built for that "edgy" storefront. This open format suits any form of business for a medium-scale store front suitable to corporations or local business. Nearly turn-key ready for a skateboarding shop or teen-focused merchandiser. On-site restroom included.


Under 750 Square Feet

Lot #328

Recently renovated for you, this 439 sq. ft. space is ideally suited for a coffee shop, ice cream stand or other ready-serve food and snacks. Fully capable of being modified to suit any food needs, make this lot yours for an extraordinary rate.


Lot #330

Looking for the best deal in food service leasing on Grays Harbor? This 373 sq. ft. space is it! Trade up elbow grease and cosmetic upgrades for nearly rock-bottom monthly rates on this space. Former owners walled this space away from the world - Open it up and secure a long-term lease for maximum long-term profitability.


Custom Lot Sizes, Anchor Additions, and More!

Anchor Lot C

Custom build out on Anchor Lot C features your facility on State Highway 105, home to some of the most famous fishing vessels and yachts on the Western Seaboard. This ~60,000 square foot lot is not defined simply by its vast pre-allocated square footage, but can expand well into multiple acres of property to suit your build.


Office Leasing

Lease office space at the Shoppes at Riverside Mall. Various room sizes available.


Temporary Leasing

Temporary short-term or seasonal leasing available. Various room sizes, as well as space to bring in carts or kiosks. Test a concept in a new market. Flexible leasing terms allow you to gauge how your product will perform before going long-term.


Brand Advertising

Advertise your Brand with Posters, Signs and Banners

  • Poster Cases: Deliver your message in one of our backlit poster display cases.
  • Standees: Advertise in 3D with a high impact standee! Attention grabbing lobby standees are sure to catch the mall goer’s eye.
  • Counter Cards: Displayed prominently in high traffic areas in our food court, a counter card may be just the right answer.
  • Lobby Displays: A free standing unit placed in a highly visible area in our mall where patrons may fill out forms, will certainly be noticed by moviegoers.
  • Banners, Static Clings, Danglers, Vehicle Displays and More: No matter how you advertise at the Shoppes at Riverside, your message is sure to get across.
  • Tabling Promotions: Interact with potential customers as you provide product information, demonstrate a new product line or sign up new clients.